Website and Brand Makeover


As noted in the blog post, Time for a Website Redo or Refresh?, a first impression can go a long way. And for many companies, its website is the first impression that they make with potential customers, partners, employees, and investors.

DDNi is a company that helps consumer electronics companies maintain a consistent brand experience across communications, operating systems, and devices. Reviewing its website, DDNi realized that it had content that was dated, not relevant to its target market, did not support multiple devices and mobile browsing, and did not properly convey its value proposition to its target audience.

To updated the DDNi website and brand, DDNi went through several cycles of careful and thoughtful reflection on who its core website audience is, who it isn’t, and what is required for its primary customers that are consumer electronics manufacturers. This was significant in the consumer electronics market that is comprised of a small number of companies that wield a large amount of buying power. Making a good impression is vital and DDNi’s updated site hits the mark for its audience.