Time for a Website Redo or Refresh?

Time for a Website Redo or Refresh?

Relevant to the market and aligned with your business

A first impression can go a long way. And for many companies, its website is the first impression that they make with potential customers, partners, employees, and investors. So what are some things to look for to know if it is time to revisit your website?

1.Is your site aligned with the current business climate and target market?

Macro business climates change (think of a PESTEL analysis) as do the distinct market trends (who is in the market and the latest innovations and technology standards). If you are communicating your organization from an outdated and out-of-context site, then you lose credibility and relevance.

2. Are the products and services presented on your site current?

Do they carry the weighting and are they portrayed in a manner that reflects your current business priorities? For example, if your current business priority and biggest market is in Software B, but Software A commands the most real estate and content on your website, its time to revisit the content slotting.

3. Does your site convey the feeling of your current organization?

Over time an organization’s internal leadership, vision, mission and values evolve and change. Many times a website is designed at a “point in time” in the past that doesn’t reflect the current business status.

4. Is your most recent content stamped with an old date?

For example, if you have a news ticker or blog that has a date stamp of one year ago and it is featured on your site, then it is time to get something fresh posted. While dates can show that you are “up to date” when issued, if new content isn’t posted and a year goes by – visitors might question if the company is keeping up with the market or if you are in even still in business.

Where do you start when redoing a website?

First, it is important to recognize a website is a big undertaking. While there are ways to streamline certain areas with a “refresh”, even by updating date-stamped content, most site refreshes turn into bigger projects. This can range from internally managing product groups and facilitating the distribution of their dedicated website real estate to agreeing on new image themes and messaging on the homepage.

A full website project involves evaluating all facets of a company down to its core vision and mission. After a check to ensure that the vision and mission are in alignment, a company must revisit its product and services positioning and messaging. Next, establishing the tone and persona of the brand includes visual imagery, typography, motion, and colors. This all comes into play before the actual site topography and text begin to come together.

These are some of the signs to look for when evaluating your website as a candidate for a “redo”. It also provides an idea of some of the hard work that needs to occur before the first designs, images or words are written. Websites are a critical window into a company. Getting it “right” is a big undertaking. Make sure that you prepare your organization for the whole-scale business evaluation that needs to take place and the time and resource commitment that will be necessary.

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